Galerie Maria Lund

Aqua prima
Indian ink and pastel on paper
113 x 156 cm - 2015

Dense or transparent colour fields, powerful gestures and minute strokes, a pigment particle exploding, the suggestion of matter spreading across the sheet of paper: Catherine Maria Chapel (born in France in 1968) knows paper intimately as well as the fluidity in watercolours and ink. For Chapel, matter and expression are one. Spaces without names or specific references emerge. The underwater world, the sky, vegetation or heat’s intense luminosity are suggested. Figures or fragments of figures come to life on these backgrounds, out of a basic contour or as cut-out silhouettes.

Chapel’s work evokes journeys into the unconscious or an awakened dream. Her drawings and collages are poetic reminiscences, juxtaposed fragments of beauty… Reviving memories of crisp blue hours when the summer sun is setting, a breeze travelling past, the transparency of water, sensations and forgotten feelings…