Galerie Maria Lund

untitled 2, ed. 7
photographie - lambda print
60 cm x 60 cm - 2011

With his installations, a large crate filled with plaster powder animated by a steam machine and an incandescent light, Chung Kwang-Hwa describes the memory processes and forgetfulness, the permanent and uncontrollable flows of life and memory. In the mass of the plaster, where "memory-cars" snuggle, are formed valleys and mountains, lakes and constantly evolving deserts, upon which float foggy vapours. That is how the functioning of our memories models, where the time and the life impulses provoke an incessant construction and deconstruction of the landscapes of our memories.
Through a parallel work of photography the artist tries to capture the instant, so that the image itself generates a recollection, shows what escapes us, seizes the elusive, the train of thought.
Since 2005, Chung Kwang-Hwa has been part of numerous collective shows in Europe and South Korea, as well as the Art Karlsruhe and Cologne fair in 2012. Look! I've found my car again, selected by the Mois de la photo Off 2012, is his first solo show in France.