Galerie Maria Lund

Translation in sky blue
acrylic on canvas
80 x 80 cm - 2014

Didier Boussarie (born in France in 1958) delivers an account of life, a most refined lesson in perceptivity…The motifs can vary – landscapes, bodies, insects – but the real subject is the desire to see, to understand, to feel, to caress with the gaze in order to retain the elusive, if only for a moment.

Dynamism and movement cohabitate whilst recalling the ephemeral in all things living; no recourse to the spectacular here, it’s the appeal of the suggestion, the insistence of the stroke which searches and searches further still, giving strength and sensuality to the subject. In front of Didier Boussarie’s works matter comes alive. Matter is experimented with as much for itself as for its qualities of texture, colour, light and density - sometimes this is the idea sought – as above all, matter is used to create forms.