Galerie Maria Lund

Being II (Etre II)
oil on canvas
180 x 170 cm - 2008

In the works of the multi-artist Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen (born in 1958 in Denmark), alternation between the personal sphere and the surrounding material world, between her own particular story and a more universal story, has for a long time been a leitmotiv.
She develops existential matters on life and death, dream and reality, the time, drawing inspiration from her childhood memories, her relationship to nature and art history.
In addition to her video and installation works, the artist attempts to express the transitory aspect of life in paintings and drawings with very graphical compositions or on the contrary sensual and soft.
Since more than 15 years, the artist shows her works in galleries and institutions in Scandinavia where she was awarded the Nordic Anna Nordlander Prize. She has exposed in Galerie Maria Lund since 1999.