Galerie Maria Lund

Frode Steinicke

painted medium
45 x 15 x 10 cm - 2010

Frode Steinicke (born in 1953 in Denmark) creates artworks which have a ludic part, wherein forms integrate a game of balance. In this universe which echoes to Suprematism, De Stijl, primitive sculpture, everything seems controlled, almost immutable, static. And yet, we are invited by a mental process to deconstruct and reconstruct, to imagine all the transformations if we take out an element or if we modify a module... Frode Steinicke's sculptures are not locked since we take part in their reconstruction in order to have a better apprehension and understanding. Even the space becomes palpable and is an integral part of the artwork.
Most of his works are made out of diabase, a very dense black granit which allows to obtain different intensities of black depending on the degree of polishing. In Frode Steinicke's hands, the stone gets a satin finish which allows the light to shed softly on the surface without effects of brilliance.
Between 1999 and 2005, the Galerie Maria Lund has welcomed 4 exhibitions of Frode Steinicke. He exhibits regularly in Northern Europe and carries out commissioned works for public or private areas (steel, granite or concrete) - including one in granite located at Eurosquare II, St Ouen (Paris) since 2003.