Galerie Maria Lund

The Blue Room
98 x 128 cm - 2015

A whole section of Western art and literature attributes a "kind innocence" to nature and links it to the metaphor of Paradise Lost... Far from the idyllic vision, Helene Schmitz focuses on the more obscure side of nature, on its insatiable, menacing, - sometimes – cruel aspects, and the representations we make of it, the projections we associate with it.
She questions these fascinating spaces where nature and culture meet and overlap, in creations that attract irreparably and cause anxiety... this ambiguity is manifest in the formal approach through the coexistence of great sobriety and an exaltation of colour and light.
Helene Schmitz was born in Sweden in 1960. She currently lives and works in Stockholm. She starts to show her own creations in the nineties in France and in Scandinavia and also in the USA, South America and Japan. Part of her activity is dedicated to publishing books many rewarded.