Galerie Maria Lund

charcoal, pigments and Hanji paper
41 x 61 cm - 2015

Lee Jin Woo (born in South Korea in 1959) builds his works by layering sheets of traditional Korean Hanji paper. He draws, paints and deposits matter (pigments, Indian ink, charcoal, earth...) on the multiple layers of translucent paper. Progressively elements are covered and buried and the process is started over with each new sheet of Hanji. The final result is shaped like a painting yet between two and three dimensions. The pictorial surface hides other images, colours and moods which have been buried in the paper fibers like strata of time, memory or dream. Sometimes elements are visible through the translucent layering and our gaze travels in an incessant go between surface and depth, alternating between one point of view and another.
A feeling of calm, of time held still emanates from Lee's work. It is like an invitation for contemplation.