Galerie Maria Lund

molded and polish glass
57 x 19 x 17,5 cm - 2007

The humble and fascinated contemplation of the world and its mysteries, the origins of life, evolution and growth find their expression in the sculptures of Lene Bødker (born in 1958 in Denmark). Simple contained shapes vary between geometric rigorousness and organic roundness – between rational and sensual. Nature, body, architecture and science – in Lene Bødker's work the subjects fuse and merge.
Her choice matter, glass, is employed with the highest level of mastery and control. Worked in its density, the glass retains light within its mass or discretely draws shapes in a subtle exploitation of its thickness. The surface treatment is often characterized by an envelopment, or even a concealment of the matter, to the extent of creating confusion as to its nature.
Many times shown in France and Denmark, and also in the USA, her sculptures can be found in public collections in Denmark and Germany. In 2007, she has received the prestigious prize Kanazawa Glass Award, The Grand Prize.