Galerie Maria Lund

cut-out, paint, blood and mercurochrome on Arches paper and pins
dia. 170 cm - 2015

Central to Lyndi Sales's (born in Johannesburg in 1973) recent work is the "real-imaginary". Possibly utopian, this project nevertheless carries the conviction that by seeking to surpass the limits of perception, new paths become accessible. Her work lies closer to a more complete, more whole vision where everything is connected, whereas we often only experience fragments of reality. The artist uses models and structures taken from nature – inspiration comes from the infinitely small as well as the immensity of space, order and chaos of the microcosm are echoed in the macrocosm.
In a recent interview during her participation in the Venice Biennale 2011, Lyndi Sales discusses the notion of "looking with your eyes closed". This refers to ignoring what can obstruct vision, exploiting all the possibilities of reaching "something more", that distinguishes itself from the narrow functional and usual perception.
If our space, our real living place is 'time', Lyndi Sales seeks to slow time down, to suspend it in order to observe it close-up, to better understand it; her interest lies more specifically in the instants preceding a transformation, a transition – times of tension, of intersection.