Galerie Maria Lund

Pelage 1
notched stainless steel wire
130 x 60 x 50 cm - 2013

Draftsman, sculptor, video-maker, Maria Loizidou (born in 1958 in Cyprus) uses medias such as graphite on paper, metal thread or sheet, tissue, salvaged material and fragile but powerful paper volume.
Maria Loizidou focuses her lately work on memory and our capacity to give a meaning to our lives, creating artworks where her Cypriote origin is very strong. Marked by the island history cuted into 2 zones by a conflict between the Greeks in the South and the Turkish in the North, the artist has created her Memoscapes (a combination of Memory and Landscape). In her drawings which explore the landscape of memory, individual and collective, the figures evolve in a space between dream and reality – in a kind of gravity, objects and forms, fragments of cities or landscapes confront or merge with bodies.