Galerie Maria Lund

stoneware and glaze
dia.16 cm - 2013

My major preoccupation is the inherent history of ceramics - what is our relationship to ceramic objects and how do we give them meaning.

My work with the traditional categories of ceramics consists in an imitation of them. From my point of view, ceramics hold the possibility to be as well as a work of art- an image- as a concrete object. Basic objects such as a cup or a plate are reference points in our culture. My approach revolves around this iconographic power.

These past years, I have mostly worked with the reproduction of subjects of nature – mountains, feathers, flowers and plants. My interest lies in the role of Nature in Culture. Like a kind of memory, a reference to an exterior entity, something timeless, universal, which, by virtue of its authenticity, beholds a fundamental beauty. At the same time, the reproductions of Nature talk about us, since it is our gaze that gives a meaning to objects. 

statement written for the catalogue of the exhibition "Terres - Copenhagen Ceramics Invites" at the Galerie Maria Lund in 2015