Galerie Maria Lund

graphite on paper
30 x 20 cm - 2016

French artist tandem Martinet&Texereau, author of four-handed drawings, goes against the traditional vision of art as the expression of the artist's personality: here one plus one equals three, for the end goal is not to add up two individual styles but to create a third one. The focusof the work is daily life, which our jaded gaze takes in so little, if at all, and in particular the daily life of housing and its shared areas. In their most recent drawings Martinet&Texereau make an inventory of the volumes and nooks of buildings with their entry halls, tiling, skirting boards and closed doors, where time appears to have stopped. Even the plants in their automatic sprinkling pots and well-groomed exterior small gardens seem to exude lifelessness despite the growing vegetation. All is clean and contained. The pencil strokes act like a scalpel feeling tissue, learning its surface before breaking into it... Each detail (joints, veins, textures) is rendered with a fascinating combination of surgical detachment and sensuality. The framing is tight and the focus is perfect, like that of a microscope examining a specimen. The universe conveyed by Martinet&Texereau is evocative of New Objectivity, without the biting humor. There seems to be a touch of surrealism in these works; humanity may be invisible but it is not absent.