Galerie Maria Lund

L'oiseau aux longues bras
pen on paper
29,7 x 21 cm - 2016

Creative, Autonomous, Calm, these the adjectives we can find in the Qualities section of Mickaël Berdugo’s resume … If you smile after reading it, it’s only natural. Whether he is directing himself in videos recalling the early days of cinema and Super 8, drawing fast fast fast - with a pen making hybrid and touching creatures appear, writing poems in which shifts and images come together or apart – the world of Mickaël Berdugo is remarkable for its fine sense of humor that nails and disarms punchy and sensitive.


We won’t say more: Mickaël Berdugo cannot be told - he has to be experienced. Which is the reason why we are happy that our 2017 program opens not only with one but two CARTE(S) BLANCHE(S) to this pluri-artist born in 1989 and who just graduated from the Beaux-Arts Academy in Versailles.  Poems by Mickaël Berdugo have been published by the journals and magazines SitaudisCe qui restePaysages écrits and Les cahiers de poésie.