Galerie Maria Lund

Suspension I
glass and steel
90 x 85 x 35 cm - 2012

Pipaluk Lake (born in 1962 in Denmark) attempts to give form to these movements and opposing notions of elevation, lightness, suppleness and the weight of the invisible force of gravity.
Her artworks are of two kinds : those predominant textile quality (draperies, warps and threads) and organic aspect and those of the Layers series where superimposed thin glass plates are combined with other materials which fuse together during the firing and then open up and are deployed or, on the contrary, are densely folded. Water, ice, air, wind, fabric, flesh, vegetation or rock, many associations to suggest the immaterial, movement, substance and the living. Forms are born from a sharp and open dialog between matter, process, strength of will and experience.
Those who have an a priori about glass being a cold, static and purely decorative matter will discover a dreamlike world where humor, originality and unconventional beauty cohabitate.