Galerie Maria Lund

sans titre
inkjet print on Hahnemühle paper mounted on aluminium
24 x 36 cm - 2014

The Finnish artist Salla Pesonen (born in 1984, lives in France) develops a photographic and video work on the subject of obsolescence. After questioning the everyday life materials and objects, she came to question her practice as such: Constantly fed with new images as a photographer and a user of social networks, she ended up seeing the contemporary life as an immense machine creating obsolete images, which – as beautiful and moving as they are - disappear almost instantly from the “timeline”.

Through her work, Salla Pesonen tries to counter this tendency of the ephemeral.  For this reason, she chose the most instantly obsolete, parasitic and harmful material: used plastic. She sets it in the studio, studies the light passing through it, and captures an image. But this being said, the plastic matter isn’t the subject of her photographs; and she doesn’t hesitate to modify her visuals’ colours and textures with the help of retouching programs. What she tries to obtain, by starting though with the most antagonistic object to her approach, are images that are neither places nor times that want to be disincarnated from a reality bound to disappear. It is solely about light, colours and shapes - the purest abstraction.