Galerie Maria Lund

acrylic on canvas and mixted media
114 x 146 cm - 2016

Desire is the underlying theme of all of Yoo Hye-Sook's work (born in South Korea in 1964). She reveals this fundamental and animal-like desire in each of the mundane objects she chooses to study with the painstaking attention to detail that is her trademark. Someone's hair, underwear, a fur coat become more than their physical incarnation to become sensuous and intriguing specimens, even veering toward eeriness.
The artist also creates abstract works, more focused on matter, desire turns into a destructive force. She uses pencil like a dagger to pierce through Hanji, the extremely thin traditional Korean paper she marouflages on a black round canvas. Bewilderment ensues: cosmic system or microscopic view? Fragment or Grand All ?
With an economy of means (pencil, paper, canvas and space), Yoo Hye-Sook has instinctively given shape to an interrogation that characterises all her work : how to make visible the 'other reality' that lies beneath?